All kennels are built to council regulations and are situated side by side with a view onto open pasture and not each other reducing barking, and stress for the more timid. 


Each Kennel is fully central heated with separate sleeping area and covered run. We supply all hard beds and bedding but we do encourage owners to bring bedding and toys from home especially for first time boarders to help them settle in.



A wide range of food is available to our residents. We accommodate most tastes and special diet/ health requirements and offer an extensive selection of both wet and dry food varieties to suit puppies/ small breeds to large & working dogs. We will be happy to discuss exact dietary requirements & eating habits prior to your dogs stay with us.

Additional treats are given daily unless owners advise us to the contrary.

If you wish to bring in your own food or treats for your dog you are more than welcome.



The dogs are exercised over 12 acres of family owned land in the beautiful Welsh Countryside. The Kennels is a One to One service with only the dog   or dogs that occupy that kennel going out, removing the risk of fighting and stress for the dogs.


Within the 12 acres of land, even though we are fully fenced and gated the dogs will at present be walked using an extender lead. Off lead activity will be at the owners consent only. We supervise all dogs whether they are out on the lead or in the upgraded playpen which is now fitted with animal friendly, easy clean astro turf which provides a natural, green and inviting look and pleasant under paw feel all year round.